Andrex and Kumi's Romp Through the Crystal [Meth]-laden Echoes of Time

So, we’ll be posting here, ja? This OP will be updated with our info and such, if other members get Echoes of Time this’ll be the online community thread for it. :slight_smile:

Edit- Kumi, you add me yet? You might have to “Write a Message” as well.

Denkist du einem Deutschem?

(My endings maybe wrong…It’s been over a year since I graduated but meh.)

Alright, so who’s hosting the game?

You are, so I can help you out and stuff ('nache). I think you might have to write a message if you do this though.

Alright, making it now.

See if you can join.

Reading the manual:

[quote=“Echoes of Time Manual, p. 48”]Advancing the story/Helping with the adventure
Even in multiplayer, the story progresses on the host console or system. If there is a boss you just can’t defeat, or some puzzle that you can’t solve on your own, try inviting some friends to your gameworld to help you out. There’s strength in numbers! Of course, you don’t have to play through the story. You can also explore previously visited locations to fight monsters, look for gil and treasure, and level up your character.[/quote]

OMFG!! :Q :Q :QThis game is a dream come true!! This is exactly how I pictured it!!

Edit- K, you should cut off the party now.

What’s going on on your end?

[quote=“Top Screen”]Host selected.
Please wait until all players meet up.
Players will meet up when the host player decides on the pary, or when the current players exit the location where they are now playing.[/quote]

[quote=“Bottom Screen”]Steph

All buttons except B do nothing. It’s up to you at this point.

Edit- Maybe you have to leave the dungeon you’re currently at?

OK this text chat is pissing me off…

Why not just got on a Messenger?

I like it… :sad; :frowning:

What I don’t like is the lag. For me it’s making platforming really hard… but still doable…

I can’t find the damn ‘space’ option for sentences…

And omg title screen!

You double tap the Enter key, or hit the X button (I think).

Btw the library boss is kinda hard.

FUCK sorry I was too close to the warp point… want some of my gil/loot?

Edit- That was good. Really fun. :smiley:

Villain = BASTARD!!!


He’s even more of one than you think. The story is surprisingly really good, trust me. Very emotional for low-poly, no-mouth-moving cutscenes. :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend who is letting me borrow this already told me the story was way better than expected. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably play more of it between now and our next round, by the way.

Good. :stuck_out_tongue:

We NEED to get the Draken and Paul to buy this too. Even a third player would make this incredible…

I am trying to talk Paul into it. >_>


The Draken will be a hard sell… but I think if we’re all playing too he’ll go for it…

Holy shit, guys! It’s round two!

Round Romp #2?

Joining now~

Can’t join. :confused: