And I told myself I wouldn't cry...


For those who didn’t know and might have cared, Tabula Rasa dies tomorrow. NCSoft is going out with some style though by creating a gigantic battle throughout the world at 8pm GMT or CST depending on your server. Eventually, it will result in the AFS’ lose of the war that those who had played the game were fighting before the servers are closed down forever.

I had a copy of the game laying around for awhile, and figured that I would at least give it a try since today would be my last chance to play it. A part of me regrets installing it because I enjoyed it. Perhaps the change in gameplay, having it feel more like a third-person shooter than a typical MMO, or maybe the sci-fi setting was nice change in the fantasy overflowing genre.

Whatever the case maybe, it’s a bit of a shame that it’s closing, because I actually liked it. :frowning:

You look pretty badass. o_0

I looked even more bad ass when I hit level 5 and could change my class. I found out I also could change the color of my armor by buying paint. That was pretty cool but too bad now of this matters in 21 hours!

Bye bye cuber-Kumi! :sad;

My City of Villains character is badass too ya know… :Q

I think I have a trial for that (or City of Heroes…) in my Tabula Rasa Collector’s Edition.

This game made me want an alternative from fantasy. I still love WoW and need to play it again, but I want to take a break from fantasy…

I have my Shin Megami Tensei MMO but all the cool stuff costs money…

Like me. :Q



[quote=“nothere413”]NO ONE LIKES YOU!


You must have confused me with yourself… :plain;

I’ve heard better comebacks in Elementary School Cafeterias…

Why, is that where all your friends are? :plain;

Yeah. And so’s yo momma. :wine;

Now that was a lame comment. :down;:beer;

Yeah. A lame comment for another one. I’d say we’re about even.

[strike]Tell your mom she’s not even with me, I still owe her $5.[/strike] :agent;

Wait, don’t tell her that if she doesn’t bring it up.

[quote=“Andrex”][strike]Tell your mom she’s not even with me, I still owe her $5.[/strike] :agent;

Wait, don’t tell her that if she doesn’t bring it up.[/quote]