Amazon Kindle DX: 9.7-inch display, college textbooks

The Kindle [highlight]FINALLY[/highlight] gets what I’ve been asking from it: college textbooks. As I said on GAF three months ago:

This single addition makes the $300/400/gajillion dollars they charge for it much, much better when compared with the half-dozen $120 books you buy each year for college. Arrived just in time, too. ]We just got some basic specs on the new, decidedly more newspaper- and college textbook-friendly Amazon Kindle DX. Here’s what we know: it’s got a 9.7-inch display (as opposed to the current six-inch unit), a long-requested built-in PDF reader, and the ability to add annotations in addition to notes and highlights – whatever that means. We’re also hearing that New York Times will be offering a $9.95 / month subscription, a little lower than the current $13.99. Honestly, that all sounds to us like this really is just a Kindle with a larger screen, not the newspaper savior it’s being hyped as, but ol’ Jeffy B. might still have surprises in store, so we’ll see. Seriously, can’t Wednesday just hurry up and get here already?

Some more details care of the Wall Street Journal. Chief information officer for Cleveland-based Case Western Reserve University – the college whose president will be taking the stage with Jeff Bezos – Lev Gonick said select students are being issued the new, larger screen Kindles (doesn’t specify DX) in the fall semester with pre-installed textbooks for chemistry, [color=Red]computer science and a freshman seminar. Five other universities including Pace, Princeton, Reed, Arizona State, and Darden School at the University of Virginia are also said to be signed up for the trial. As for the new details on the device itself, the report states it’s got a more functional web browser, with no word on how that’ll jibe with Whispernet.[/quote]


Kindle includes a lifetime EDGE service, which basically means wherever you can find a cell phone reception, you can download books and browse the Internet, for free, for life. Many speculate that this (in addition to the e-ink tech of course) is what keeps the Kindle’s price high.

Now then, if Amazon is stalking me for ideas like Capcom stalks Kumi, I offer some more potential improvements:

  • Color E-ink display
  • Touchscreen taking up entire surface
  • Toggle-able backlight
  • [strike]College textbooks[/strike]
  • Sub-$300

Cool b/c everything added to Whispernet also goes up on Kindle for iPhone :smiley:

This is going to be a lifesaver for some.

Yeah but I saw Kindle for the iPhone, screen is too bright and small. It’s a good stopgap measure if you’re really too ghetto to afford the real thing, though, and TBH I could probably see myself putting off buying one of these for a long time if I could do the same thing.

I wonder if my sister will be getting this since she had to research them for one of her business classes.

Kindle should have… Kindle Games! And a Kindle App Store!! It could take down Steve Jobs once and for all!!! :what;

I dunno why that just popped into my head.

[quote=“Andrex”]Kindle should have… Kindle Games! And a Kindle App Store!! It could take down Steve Jobs once and for all!!! :what;

I dunno why that just popped into my head.[/quote]

twittles beard and laughs

Ballmer: “He’ll be out of the picture soon enough…” pours poison on Jobs’ Honey Comb cereal


I don’t mean the cereal either.

Rawk, it’s a well-known fact he eats the souls of Mac fanboys for lunch. I’m talking about what he has for breakfast. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’ll probably push down the price most for something like this is the support from what’s left of the counrty’s major newspapers. Imagine going back to what they used to do, just with zero physical production/delivery costs. Heck, our local newspaper just did a reformatting, and looks like a print version of a web page now (which is coincidentally avalible both in print and online)