All my old friends

Your all nicely tucked in here…I went to the G4 forums and didn’t see a single one of u posting…it was like walking through a ghost town (a ghost town filled with noobs and idiots) I saw some sort of thread by loki about project gforum and I was like " OH WOW I remember that" so I checked it out and bam all you guys are here its awesome. I remember Andrex getting angry with ppl who would diss nintendo for no reason and nother would give andrex a hard time no matter what he was posting lol and how Kumiko would ALWAYS post intelligent and well put together threads…they were always a good read…its just cool to see everyone here and get everyone’s opinions on games again.

TBH not much has changed, except I never got angry when someone dissed Nintendo. Shut up. >_>

Well, Trex and I were both banned, so…

Welcome back. We never changed. G4 did though :frowning:.

Oh well all that matters is the ppl who are truly interested in gaming are in one place chattin it up about the latest

Oh hey, I remember you!

it feels good to be remembered…If I remember right u are VERY into horror video games…u must be real upset they arent bringing the next fatal frame to America

You had to say that, didn’t you…

now she’s gonna have to go kill something