Alan Wake(Hey Kumi)

Spring 2010. I gotta say it looks pretty good. lol RE4

Lighting in this game is second to none. Looked amazing cant fucking wait. Now lets talk about that Splinter Cell Conviction. Looks more fun than MGS4 easy.

lol oh you

It does.


I watched the gameplay footage a little while ago and with all the Heavy Rain info from like a week ago…And with Brutal Legend info just being released…I’m pretty much done with E3 now.

I just need to see a bit on Assassin’s Creed 2 and everything else is pretty much just icing on the cake.

I can’t believe someone had to point it out to me but it does look like the evolution of the base gameplay of Alone in the Dark. But instead of using fire bullets you are using your flashlight to wear down the enemies and then finish them off.

ALso I said it would be lead PC…and they didn’t even mention the PC version… >_>

Looks good glad he woke up