Adventures in Warhawk

So… as most of you know, I’ve recently taken a huge liking to Warhawk for the PS3. I don’t know what brought this about, considering I barely touched the game for the first 3 months I had it.

But now, I’m on a mission. A mission that seems undoable. A mission to get the Platinum Warhawk trophy by March 2010. I’ve set hurdles to help me pace myself in this seemingly impossible task. For those of you who don’t know, I need to

A: Achieve the Rank of General by earning the necessary awards and points.

B: Earn all In-Game Medals and Badges.

C: Complete all of the menial task trophies that I have left (Around 3 or 4 of them left)

Can I do it? Probably not. But why not try?

You’ll get burned out on the game by September.