Adhoc Party US released. Play all your PSP games online through PS3 with voice chat!

It’s been a long time since it launched in Japan but now it’s in the US!

They say select titles but there really are only a few that don’t work.

Another thing that isn’t highlighted is that when you sync up Adhoc Party will search every room and lobby for the game you want to play online. This means it’s not just a system that can be used with close friends as you can easily find anyone online playing say Monster Hunter or Gran Turismo.

Of course the best part is that you can communicate with everyone with voice chat.

It’s really a great service and I hope more people check it out now that you don’t have to understand moonspeak!

And it’s all FREE! and a small download!

Just downloaded it, gonna try it out tomorrow

If it doesn’t support Lumines, I suppose there’s always Guilty Gear Judgment.

The biggest problem is that it won’t support the 20-fuckin’-gig of my PS3. :neutral_face: