A Streamer's First Playthrough With Their Audience

Is something i don’t think I’ll ever fully understand. Especially when streaming narrative driven single player games.

I get that for them is a job and that they have an obligation to their audience who probably wants to see their favorite streamer play a game for the first time. But, I was watching this guy play The Evil Within for the first time the other day and he wasn’t paying attention to half the things that were going on cause he had a chat room of like 30 people.

To be fair, I’ve seen some streamers who completely ignore the chat when a cutscene triggers. I guess that can help a little bit but it’s not the same as being fully focused on the game.

Of course me being such a purist of the single player experience and how pretty much any outside influence can ruin that will always be estrange to see people play God of War PS4 or Resident Evil with others.

It’s just something i could never see myself doing unless i’ve already played the game or i didn’t care about it. I know this is probably due to my upbringing. I grew up playing RPGs in the 90s and have always leaned more towards story driven games so it’s no surprise to see where i stand.

I mean i will always be baffled by someone playing Alien Isolation when reading the title stream “First Playthrough”. Of course there’s always that chance that someone might be lying to get more attention.

At the end of the day though i have nothing against people enjoying a game in a way differently than mine. 95% of the time they’re having fun so it’s no big deal. Just something i felt like sharing.

What do you guys think? Would you share your first playthrough?

I would.

And I have.

I agree 100% Tai. I’ll never understand it.

BUT then again I see those types getting mad donations so it probably is worth it to them. (And it kinda annoys me MORE they get free money AND blow off the game lol)

I prefer pre-recorded non-live streaming Let’s Plays.

How many people have you interacted with on a first playthrough?

Hadn’t taking donations into account. You’re right. After all what’s so important about the lost city of Shambala when they can make hundreds of dollars in one night.

Not many, unfortunately.

You sound disappointed. Do you want more people to join your stream? If so you’re not worried it might be too distracting?


Maybe not too many people, but at least a few, yeah.

I don’t even understand the chat perspective either. They must not care either, or the large majority if they are commenting and trying to distract the player lol

I saw one guy playing FF7 Remake and chat was mad typing “He missed it!!” about something that happened because he was dicking around with them. Yeah, he missed it because of you dipshits, I thought lol

I can almost tell who is on autopilot to make money too and who really loves to play because some don’t even talk about the game hardly. Will be commenting on dumb stuff and to ME personally it is frustrating and I don’t understand how the rest of chat doesn’t think so. Why even play a game, just talk with them at that point lol