A Nightmare on Elm Street - New Trailer


Looks good. It’s by the same people that did the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th remakes/reboots, and while I didn’t see TCM, I thought Friday 13th was a little half-baked. It was certainly better than the later entries in the series, but IMO it was too rehashy and didn’t cover Jason’s backstory well enough.

Interestingly, despite Nightmare and Friday being “my” two horror franchises, I found the Halloween remake by Rob Zombie to be of much higher quality. It really dug deep into Michael Myers’ past and psyche and delivered a very brutal take on him (I felt nervous when young Michael beat up that kid.)

I guess I want a sort of depth out of these horror remakes. While the previous films added each piece bit by bit (with contradictions), I feel the remakes have the opportunity to take it all and streamline it into a semblance of depth. That’s what I hope the new Nightmare does. The first trailer opens with Freddy running from the angry mob and shows his demise, so I’m feeling hopeful. Reducing all of Jason’s backstory to a short black-and-white (and crappily-shot) flashback at the start of Friday was a real downer for me.

Expect this movie to be 95% explosions.

Someone had to say it.

[quote=“sixsicksixes”]Expect this movie to be 95% explosions.

Someone had to say it.

Eh, Bay’s only producing it. Which seems to be going pretty well for horror remakes.

Friday 13th did have some sweet splosions though.

Looks good. Now release a red band trailer.

Meh, not a fan of red band trailers that aren’t comedies.

This is look like the best out of the horror movie remakes the second halloween remake was a piece of shit that got too friday the 13th.

Halloween II was that bad? That’s a shame since I thought the first was fantastic.

Yeah got too strange and characters like loomis(which was done spot on in the remake before) changed completely for no reason it also [SPOILER]ends just like Halloween 4 but with Laurie going all evil[/SPOILER] Ive heard about a Halloween 3D don’t know if it’s going to be a season of the witches remake or more micheal but it needs to end.

That’s lame. I really thought they did something good with the remake.

Hopefully this turns out just as good.