A good blogging site

I need a decent place to have a blog.

Some guy on the forums keeps saying I should have one due to my posts on gaming and there’s a few topics I would like to discuss but I know won’t be hits because they will be ‘walls of text’.

The only ones I can think of are the really obvious ones.

Uhh, didn’t you have one? Kumi’s Korner or something?

Anyways, I recommend Blogger. It’s by Google (+:heart;) and it has two options for designs: locked-down pre-defined ones (with which you can place modules around in a nifty AJAX editor), or a total HTML editor. It has lots of features, has like 100% uptime, and gives you lots of control. I’ve been using it since April 2005 and have yet to find a reason to switch elsewhere.

I would recommend against Wordpress because it keels over even under middling loads (poor CPU and caching optimizations.)

Only bad thing is that Blogger isn’t valid, but in this case I overlook that.

-My two cents.

Live Journal wasn’t doing much for me…

Guess I’ll look into Blogger.

But now I need a clever, catchy, yet not sucky name…