A Day in a life of...


Me. Because most of the time I stay up all night I wont get up between 2 to 4. I hang out in the interwebs forums mostly. Listen to music. Watch a bit of TV. Watch TV shows online. I play games when I feel like it (i feel like it now but dont have a new game). Go out and walk around for a while when the weather will allow it. I dont have a job yet so I just stay in the fourms and get my daily gaming news.

Hopefully every Tuesday or Wednesday I get drunk.

When I’m not working, I’m on my computer surfing the web. When I get sick of being on my computer, I put myself through rigorous exercise to take that kind of stress off my shoulders. Then I come back to play bass and I’m back on my computer.

I sometimes take a half day off to be around with friends. Gaming is pretty much non-existent in my life as of now.

I also sleep 4 hours each day.

Well I get up at about 7:30 and go to school until about 1:30 then I go home and go on the computer until 3:30 or 4. Then I go to the gym for boxing practice for an hour. After boxing I take a shower and eat dinner with my family. After dinner I usually either call friends or play some games until about 10 then I just watch TV until 11 or 12 and go to bed to start the cycle all over again.

If I have to open the store, I stay up till around 2am and get up around 8:05am. If i have to close the store, I stay up till around 5am and get up a little after 1pm. If I’m off, I do whatever the hell I want. I either work 9-5 or 2-9:30 depending on if it’s opening or closing shift.

When I’m not working I’m at home either playing games, play my cello, watching something, or browsing the internet.

About the only semi interesting thing I do is go my cello lesson every Friday.


I get up around noon every day. From there, I eat something (possibly cereal) and take a shower. Then I get dressed dramatically whilst listening to uplifting rock music. And then I’m on the computer for the next 2 or 3 hours switching back and forth between schoolwork (online schooling is the awesome), posting here, and browsing /mu/ for some new music to download. I do all this while listening to the music I already have downloaded/ripped. Depending on what kind of mood I’m in, I might spend more time on the computer or go outside and do one of the following:

  1. Take one of my two dogs for a run.
  2. Hang out with a friend around town.
  3. Get on the biking trail that goes through town and get some excercise.

I’m usually home before 11pm (the town has a curfew for people under 18).

Then I either get on the Playstation or DS for a few hours, watch a movie, or get on the computer again and browse /mu/.

I try to get to bed before 5 AM most nights. Then I get up and do it all over again.

A day in the life of me?


That’s all I can say.

I also play with my dog.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Normally get up about 2:00 PM after staying up most of the night playing games/watching TV. Leave the house about 4:30 to drive to UCF for band practice, I’m there from about 5:00-8:30, get home around 9:00, spend the rest of the night doing homework, lurking forums, playing games, watching TV, checking stuff on the Web, etcetera. Hit the sack around 3:00 AM.

Tuesday/Thursday: Get up at 9:00 AM, leave the house around 9:45 for class, I’ve got Communication at 10:30 and it goes until 11:45. I’ve got about an hour off before my next class, so I’ll grab a bite, and just relax until 1:30 when my Biotech class starts. Get out at 2:45, head home, and spend the rest of the day just burning time. Normally I don’t hit the sack 'til about 5:00 AM since I don’t have to be up early the next day. I’ve also got practice with my clan at 8:00 PM on Tuesday.

Saturday: Depends. If I don’t have to play at a football game, I’ll just sit around the house, or my family and I will go out and do something. If I have a game, I’m at school all day practicing and getting ready. Then I play at the game, head home, and just hit the sack.

Sunday: I just basically slouch around the house all day, and go to church at 5:00 PM, not a lot going on. I’ve also got practice with my clan at 8:00 PM.

Yeah, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands. You can see why I’m trying to get into WoW. :stuck_out_tongue:

I fight with my circadian rhythm. My body naturally wants to stay awake until around 7 in the morning and sleep until 4 in the afternoon. This inevitably happens whenever I go through a stretch of more than several days without scheduled things forcing me to stay on a daytime schedule. So there really is no consistent hour I start my day each day, because it all depends on what I have going in terms of responsibilities and obligations.

I don’t keep a very large circle of friends in real life anymore. I’ve got it boiled down to a half dozen or so really good friends and a few others I spend time with now and then. We don’t really center our time around anything specific. We just like to hang out and talk. Because I have a small group of friends and we’re all college-aged people, I don’t do nearly as much socializing as I did in high school. Too many work/school scheduling conflicts greatly limit the amount of time we can spend together. That means the majority of my free time is spent here at home. I kill most of my time reading books or reading on the internet. More than anything else, I like to read about religion and politics. The only video game I really play these days is Diablo 2. My consoles sort of collect dust most of the time.

I get up at around 6:30 every weekday, and head in to work with my aunt, who works across the street. Usually start around 7:30pm. Either on the computer doing data entry, or filing back my unit’s files. Get out at 6:30pm. Take the bus back at around 6:45pm. Get off around 7:30pm. Get home around 7:45pm. Get online and read some forums and websites, while baseball plays in the background. Eat something. Go to bed, but don’t actually fall asleep until around 1:30am or 2am. Repeat.

On saturdays, I try to sleep in. Get up to watch Power Rangers RPM on ABC at noon (last season, and a good one). Maybe pop in a blu-ray. Attempt to watch the blu-ray over the next day and a half. Think about cooking something, or playing a game, or exercising, or going out, or doing something productive, but not really. Go back online. Talk and download crap. Eat ramen noodles. Go to sleep.

On weekdays: Get up at 6:45. My school starts at 8:15. School gets out at 3:19. I usually get back to my house about 4. I then look around at stuff on the computer till about 5:30 or 6. I then eat something and take a shower. Usually around 7:30 I play some form of video games till about 10. Then I get off that and go to bed at around 10:30.

Weekends: It varies a ton, but I’ll just say it how it usually is. I get up anywhere between 10 and noon. I get on the computer for the next 2-3 hours and then commence to play games for the rest of the day. I may do some stuff with friends, but not to often. Then I usually go to bed about 1 am or so.

Wake up
Go on the forums
Take a shower
Dry after shower
Play some games
Play some more games
Go on the forums
Walk my dog.
Take my dog back home.
Go to bed.
Masterbate in sleep
Wake up.
Go back to bed.

Just to do it allllllllllllllllll again tomorrow