A day in a life of you

So, this is a pretty talkative community but I question just how well we know each other. I got this idea last night; I’m not really sure what made me think about it, but hey, why not.

Share some information about yourself. Like what do you do when you’re not on here or playing games? Any jobs…? Do anything with friends…? Anything…?

I would share some stuff about myself but I never know what to say about myself. And I honestly hate talking about myself unless someone asks.

Morning: Get up for school if I’m awake enough.
Mid-Morning: Go to school if I missed the bus due to above.
School: Meh, pretty normal stuff. Greek 4 + Comp. Sci. 4 for electives.
Afternoon: Sleep.
Evening: Dinner, dishes.
Night: Online time. Programming time. Sometimes game time.

My free time when not online or playing games is usually devoted to programming.

Not anymore.

No, not really.

Stop asking so many questions before I cut you. :disgust;

J/k. :stuck_out_tongue:

Violent aren’t we?!

I guess I gotta share mine…I’ll write it after I finish this round of Call of Duty but prepare to be bored out of your mind. I’m very dull. =\

[align=center]Day Off[/align]

Early Morning: I go to bed (Normally before dawn)
Morning: Sleeping
Mid-Morning: Still sleeping
Afternoon: I get up, get dressed, eat, and do whatever
Evening: I do whatever I feel like and if I need to go shopping, I do.
Night: Browsing the internet, play games, write, etc…

[align=center]Work- I’m Opening Manager[/align]

Early Morning: Go to bed no later than 2am
Morning: Get up about to get ready for work
Mid-Morning: Working
Afternoon: Still working until I get off
Evening: Eat, take a small nap, then do whatever
Night: Continue to do whatever

[align=center]Work- I’m Closing Manager[/align]

Early Morning: Go to bed no later than 5am
Morning: Sleep
Mid-Morning: Still sleeping
Afternoon: Get up and get ready for work; go in at 2pm
Evening: Working until close
Night: Do whatever

I always clean the house and shower for I go to sleep. As soon as I wake up, I have to get dressed and clean myself up otherwise I feel wrong. (Aka, do my hair and put on the bit of make-up I do wear, which isn’t much.)

I have a job and normally work anywhere from 28-35 hours a week depending on how much I’m needed.

I don’t do much outside of gaming. I might have found a cello instructor but I have to wait to see where it goes. I’ll occasionally go see a movie or somewhere with friends but that might happen once every few months.

Super Early Morning: Play WoW
Slightly Later Early Morning: Sleep
Around 9: Wake up and make tea
Rest of Day: Sit around on computer or play games
If Saturday Around 3-4: Have friends over and play DnD til next morning


Week Day
7:20: Wake up, wash face, get dressed and make some tea or coffee
8:00 Brush Teeth and turn computer on
8:20: Start Walking to school
8:30-45: Arrive midway through 1st period.
Rest of Day til 3: School T_T.
3:00:Come home, make tea sit around on computer playing games til dinner
After Dinner: Homework while continuing previous activities.

Wake up at about 11 and play some games
Get showered and dressed at about 12-1
Go on computer until dinner
Eat dinner
Watch Kamen Rider
Call some friends up see if they can do anything
If they can hang out then we usually play SSBB or SSBM depending on if my only friend with a Wii is there.
At around 11:30 head to the store and buy snacks/drinks
Get on my moms laptop talk to friends and watch Gundam 00 at 3
Play more games and fall asleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Wake up at 7:35 get dressed and eat something quick
Go to school
Depending on the day I’ll either stay after to play Warhammer 40k with my old Global Studies teacher or walk home with my friends
Guitar Practice [SPOILER]or fap first[/SPOILER]
eat dinner
do homework and study
play some TF2
Go to bed and read (right now I’m reading the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series)
Sleep and do it all over again

My life is full of people bitching at each other (and I’m not talking about the internet.)