A Boy and His Blob (Wii) New screens

To be perfectly honest, that looks more boring than watching a camel defocate.

Looks like so much fun. :heart;

This is freakin’ awesome.

Is it a remake, or a new game in the series, or something different altogether… because none of those shots look like the NES or GB games.

It’s a new retail-based Wii game in the series.

But yeah, WayForward is awesome.

Hopefully its more than a pretty picture.

Even if it’s just standard platforming, which thanks the the Blob puzzles it hopefully won’t be, from the screens it appears very solid. Maybe it won’t set the industry on fire with innovation, but nonetheless it looks to be a good game.

I’m liking the art style. Its cute, simple but not too simple, and it vaguely reminds me of Yoshi’s Story. Vaguely. I love it when games match their genre/theme with the art.


Ah, that’s what it was reminding me of. :lol Thanks Daystar.

Yes we need more games like this. It looks so relaxing.

why does it seem to me that every one on the enternet is high strung except for me >,> . . . ?

Know why that is? Cause there are no enemies in any of the pictures. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks a smidge like Braid too, after having looked at it a little longer.

If this game is even half as fun as Lost Wind then I am so getting this.

Yeah, I’ve been looking foward to hearing more about this, since I beat the original (back in 1887…ish)

I was 1 then :Q

There’s one- the black blob. :stuck_out_tongue: