8:00PM EASTERN on QVC tonight...

Program: “Nintendo.”

Description: “Featuring Wii.”

That’s all my TV Guide says. Noticed it scanning channels.

:?; :?; :?; :?; :?;

Maybe another person will break a tv demonstrating the wii.:Q



$349 packaged with a bunch of useless crap.



Yeah, really. I expected more than TWO items to fill an entire hour. And Jeep Thrills isn’t exactly on any of my friend’s Christmas Lists.

They’re playing Jeep Thrills.

Actual lines they said…

“I’m not actually sure I’m driving in the right direction”

“I keep hitting things”

“I WANTED to hit that so you could hear the feedback on the controller”

“I’m not purposely trying to hit anything. That’s just how challenging this game is. It’s really challenging”


Suck My Hairy???

No…that does sound appealing though D=…

It means Shaking my head

Like shaking in disgust…

QVC has another Nintendo special on right now.

They’re playing Wii Sports. The guy is like “ow… ow… I just pulled something” playing Tennis.

This bundle has Deca Sports 2 instead of Jeep Thrills and that “Great Games” compilation.