3am... Do you know where you boyfriend is?


A video is slowly being spread like a virus over the internet. The video features a rage-filled girlfriend bitching about how her boyfriend has yet come to bed to go to sleep because he was too busy playing his PS3. She proceeds to get up and smash the system in front of him.

Real or not?

They had great sex after that.

Real or not I laughed profusely. At the video, at the circumstance, at the title… it just all came together in one big ROFL-nova.

“Stop yo!”

Crazy bitch is hot.

She went Oldboy on that PS3. :lol

He didn’t want to bang a hot azn grl, because of THAT?

In terms of AZNness, she really isn’t all that hot.

I wouldn’t call her a hot Asian girl either.

I’d hit that.

Much rather than the crazy blonde that one who destroying a 360.

Oh god, I lol’d.

I’m confused as to why she’s dating a guy that looks and talks like a tool in the first place, though.

That’s what you get when you pounce on a trophy wife…

I think it’s fake. The PS3 does not brake that easily… unless she is freakishly strong.

Hm. A TROPHY wife, you say?

It screams viral marketing

If he deserves it or not, its still very funny either way.