2 Cheap Wii games at Newegg.com

House of the Dead Overkill is $12.99 shipped, and The Conduit is $17.99 shipped… if anyone is interested.

O shi-

I’ll tell my Wii-owning friends.

GOTY 2009 at that price, the Government’s telling you to buy it if you own a Wii or they’ll have you labeled certifiably insane.

What the hell?

I ordered both of these right before posting this. I go back today, and there is no record of my order. House of the Dead jumped up in price and now the Conduit is out of stock.

There are better Wii games out there, thankfully.

The irony…

I wake up today and see that my order never went through at Newegg. And not only did House of the Dead rise in price, but The Conduit was now out of stock. Probably because both deals were posted at Cheapassgamer (The Conduit, of which I had posted).

So I thought I lost out.

A couple hours later, I see someone post that Amazon is pricematching both of them. So I went to Amazon and ordered them both. Had to pay something like $3 more in tax (which Newegg didn’t list to charge me, for some odd reason). But I got both of them.

The funny thing is… there was no reason for them to bother pricematching it, because the deals were already over at newegg by that time. But I got them anyway. An hour or so later, they were both gone.

Amazon must browse the cheapassgamer forums for activity. Their price matching for those two items only lasted a few hours. :stuck_out_tongue: