19 Years ago TODAY...

… I’m fairly positive I ate something. I’m sure I also probably went to sleep.

Also, the Xbox launched. Anyone have any fond memories of the original Xbox?

Even though it launched in 2001, I wouldn’t end up getting one until March 2005, around the same time Microsoft abandoned it in favor of the forthcoming Xbox 360. I had already owned the Gamecube and the PS2, purchased in 2003 after going several years without buying a new console.

I had discovered that the MegaMan Anniversary Collection was getting a late port to the Xbox, and, after having briefly owned the ass-backwards controlled Gamecube version for one day, and the laggy, underpowered PS2 version, I figured this might be my only shot, since the games would absolutely never be published again ever.

So I borrowed my cousin’s Xbox for a few weeks, along with 5 or 6 games. I really didn’t get into any of the games, EXCEPT for Halo. It ended up being that gateway drug to FPS games for me. Nothing before, not Doom or Duke or Quake or GoldenEye or Perfect Dark could do it. But something about Halo just clicked. I look back and consider the first Halo game to be the definitive game for the system. Humorous, considering it was a launch title reworked from a game originally intended to be played on first generation iMacs.

Along the line, I picked up Voodoo Vince on cleranace at Kmart because it was super cheap and the special edition of Call of Duty 2 (still my favorite CoD game) at Target for $12, also on clearance. So when I DID get the Xbox, I picked it up at Best Buy with Halo, Halo 2 and the MegaMan Anniversary Collection.

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